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Student Health Clearance

Student Health Clearance For Ages 14 Years And Above

The State of Hawai'i mandates that certain health requirements be met for entrance to post-secondary educational institutions. (Hawai'i Administrative Rules, DOH Title 11, Chapter 157)


Most Student immunizations are readily available -- no appointment needed.


Please call (808) 312-3437 during the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday with any questions. 


You may not register for classes until you have received health clearance.

Health Clearance Requirements are:

  •     Submit Health Clearance Form.  Information on obtaining the Health Clearance Form is given to students along with their acceptance packet. Complete the front page of this form to the best of your ability. The back page can be completed by your physician or, if you have your own personal immunization records, you can submit a copy of the report.

  •     Comply with State of Hawai'i tuberculosis clearance guidelines skin test results must be read in 48 to 72 hours. If positive, a chest x-ray is required. TB tests performed outside the United States, or skin testing using methods/materials other than PPD will not be accepted. Once you have met your TB clearance requirement, your clearance is valid for four years of continuous enrollment.

  •     Returning/Transferring Students: Students returning after an absence of one year or longer or transferring from a Community College in Hawai'i must update the tuberculosis clearance by providing a PPD skin test result done within one year prior to current enrollment. If a student has history of a positive PPD skin test and negative chest x-ray, the Tuberculosis Symptom Screening Form must be completed.

  •     Provide documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella two doses of measles vaccine are required, with at least one of the two being an MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). First dose must have been given as of January 1, 1968, and on or after the first birthday. A second dose must have been given at least 4 weeks after the first dose. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella immunizations may be waived if: 1) Student was born before 1957, or 2) Serologic evidence of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella.

  •     Note: Although not required for enrollment, it is highly recommended that students should also receive the following immunizations: a) Hepatitis A and B, b) Tetanus/Diphtheria, c) Polio and d) Meningococcal. We especially urge students who intend to live in the residence halls to consider the Meningococcal vaccination, as there is an increased risk of this highly contagious disease in this campus population.

Most Student immunizations are readily available -- no appointment needed.

Please call (808) 312-3437 during the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday with any questions.  


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