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Flu Vaccine Strains For 2019-2020 Announced

It is recommended that egg based quadrivalent vaccines for use in the 2019-2020 northern hemisphere influenza season contain the following:

  • H1N1, an A/Brisbane/02/2018-like virus,

  • H3N2, an A/Kansas/14/2017-like virus,

  • a B/Colorado/06/2017-like virus (B/Victoria/2/87 lineage, and

  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata/16/88 lineage).

Menactra (Meningococcal) is also available

  • To be administered at 11-12 years of age and a boost again at 16-18 years of age.

  • No reconstitution is necessary when using Menactra

  • Broad age indication allows for use in patients as young as 9 months - Special pricing as part of R.Weinstein/Sanofi vaccine program.

  • Distributed in Hawaii since March 2005


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